Vacationing with the Family in Ciego de Avila

Olivia Wilson
Ciego de Avila

Located in the central part of Cuba, Ciego de Avila is the perfect place to take your family out for a trip. Ciego de Avila is a Cuban Province that lies further north of Cuba. has one of the safest and the best resorts you can stay at, to enjoy cherished quality time with your family.

Ciego de Avila has many amusing and delightful activities you can do with your family, including:

Bird Watching with the Kids

Go on an incredible bird watching trip with your children to awaken their curiosity. Since Ciego de Avila is one of the areas of the islands where the most variety of birds live, it is assured that you will see many species of birds there.

Some of the most interesting birds to see are the parrot populations that have very colorful feathers. Cuban cranes are also beautiful along with the yaguazas, parakeets, and hawks. You and your kids can bring a lunch sandwich with you and bird watch long enough so that you can make sure to see the endemic birds of Cuba.

Visit the Rocarena Climbing Center

The Rocarena Climbing Center is located in Cayo Coco, in Ciego de Avila. It is a safe attraction park for both adults and children. The workers and guides speak English very well and will be able to entertain your children and give them instructions on how to use the place safely.There are different levels (depending on difficulty) of climbing and swinging through circuits, and there is very friendly staff on each level that will guide your child.

The place is safe, food and drinks are available and children will surely have fun here. This will be a place where your children will surely meet new friends from all over the world as well.

Build Sand Castles on the Coast of the Playa Pilar

Playa Pilar is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Carribean Islands. You can go by car or you can take the double-decker bus ride that is always fun to explore. This beach is surrounded by huge dunes that reach up to 16 meters high. The sand is light and fine-grained and perfectly touches the turquoise and pure waters, which make it easy to make beautiful and creative sand castles.

There is also a coral reef seabed, where you can go snorkeling when you need inspiration for your sand castle. There are also many restaurants where you can get authentic Mexican food or any food of your choice if you ever get hungry.

Visit the Parque Martí

Take the children to this colonial park that was made in 1877 in honor of the King of Spain and get a guide tell the stories of how it came to be. In this park, there is a modern church that you can visit with your family where you can get some religious materials. There are also very nice buildings around where you can take pictures to show your relatives back home.

In this park, you can also find jewelry shops and different shops that sell wallets, baby items, second hand items and hand crafted items.

There are a lot of trees and benches where you can sit down and rest when you are tired of walking the beautiful park. In the afternoon, be assured that you will see so many other families with their kids playing hide and seek and other sorts of games, that you can make friends.

Sometimes, you will be able to find locals who play different kinds of musical instruments that you can watch and enjoy and other people dancing along with the music. Also, don’t miss the restaurants where you and your family can enjoy local foods.

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