Explore Dubai in Just 48 Hours with Transit Visa

Olivia Wilson

Dubai is all about the futuristic charm of skyscrapers and architectures that reflect the perfect blend of rich Islamic art and culture, luxurious lifestyle, exotic nightlife, alluring landscapes, unending white sand dunes, enticing artificial Palm Jumeirah Island and what not. People from all over the world define Dubai as the city of superlatives and Dubai has become one of the favorite and most traveled cities of the world. Travel mongers are continuously coming to this city in search of new attractions and every time a traveler visits to this land, the city has always something new to offer to its guests. It’s a city bustling with life. Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah Isalnd, Dubai Mall, desert safari, night camping amidst sand dunes enjoying the Bedouin culture, Dubai has undoubtedly blessed with some of the amazing attractions.

 If you are thinking that Dubai has so much to offer and I have just mentioned exploring Dubai in just 48 hours, then definitely it is impossible to discover each and everything in Dubai with such limited time. If you are on a layover at Dubai airport, instead of waiting at the airport lounge, you can utilize the time in exploring Dubai. Dubai offers transit visa for those international passengers, who have gotten a layover at a Dubai airport, so that they can become an instant tourist. Contact for Dubai transit visa to a visa agent.

Day 1

48 hours mean two days and two days is undoubtedly a huge amount of time to explore any city. You can first choose Burj Khalifa, the most hyped skyscraper in the world and there you can witness the horizon standing at the highest man-made peak on earth.

Just near to it, there is world’s largest shopping mall known as Dubai Mall, which has also got world’s most footfalls. If you are shopaholic, then this is a paradise for you. Time just flies within a blink of an eye here and it seem that time has been manipulative to conspire against you.

If you somehow manage to save some time, head to the Palm Jumeirah Island and after that prefer spending your night amidst desert enjoying Bedouin culture.

Day 2

Ski Dubai

It is possible only in Dubai that you can enjoy both hot and cold temperature. Located in the heart of Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is an oasis analogue to the frost and love of the Switzerland. Snow castle, snowman, penguins and other snowy activities, you can literally enjoy a snowy day in Antarctica sitting at Ski Dubai. After this, it’s time for some reality check. Go to Miracle Garden which is world’s largest natural flower garden with over 45 million flowers. Undoubtedly it’s a treat to the sore eyes to enjoy the colorful view of unending flower beds.

Well, it’s time to back to your normal life as the dream gets over after completion of 48 hours and you have got another chance to explore another country or city in your onward journey. A wanderlust soul knows no boundaries. Keep rolling, keep going.

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