When cyber bullying does starts and how can you prevent it?

cyber bullying

The digital world is emotionless and is not merciful when it comes to digital predators. In post times predators need to approach their victims physically. Today, there is no need for it to make someone victim bullying in real –world. However, it is still happening, but predators over the years have been migrated to the web. They are quite tech-savvy and today they are haunting their victims on the digital world. Youngsters are at the top who become the victim of cyber bullying no time ever before. Let’s discuss what is cyber bullying and when cyber bullying does stats and how you can prevent it.

What is cyber bullying?

It is an act of bullies that happens through digital devices likewise, mobile phones, computer machines, tablets and others alike. It occur using text messages, SMS, social media apps, forums, or where people play online games. It usually includes sending, sharing negative comments, and the harmful and abusive language with any person. In addition, bullies online can share personal and private information that can cause serious embarrassment, humiliation. There are cyber bullies who really cross the line in terms of unlawful and criminal activities.

 Common places where bullying online can occur

  • Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others
  • Text messages, SMS sent through cell phone cellular network
  • Chat rooms, online gaming & chat zones, apps
  • Verbal, non –verbal and rational are the forms of cyber bullying

When cyber bullying does start?

It gets started when someone has access to the internet on their digital devices. In addition, those have multiple social media accounts, cell phones number become viral due to odd reasons. Moreover, the people that don’t bother privacy settings on the social media account and get interacted with the strangers online.

Furthermore, people that used to of sharing personal videos and photos and all these habits usually have been found among the youth that are obsessed with the digital world in such a young age. On the other hand, kids and teens that doesn’t about the cyber predators and love making friends online. So, the victim receives messages, media files, and sexually abusive stuff online.

How to prevent cyber bullying? Especially for parents

Young kids and teens need to set privacy settings on social media platforms. In addition, teens should not respond to the strangers and they should avoid using dating apps until they get into adult age where they can make their decisions on their own. However, concerned parents can use parental control software on teen’s digital devices. Let’s get to know how you can prevent bullying online from your kid’s life.

Install OgyMogy parental monitoring software on kid’s devices

Step1: Use your cell phone or PC browser

Go the web on your mobile phone or computer device and visit the web page of the cell phone and computer surveillance app. It’s your choice either you want to track someone’s cell phone or computer machine running with MAC or Windows OS.

Step2: Subscribe for cell phone or computer monitoring app

Get subscription online and you will have the login ID sent to you on your given email address

Step3: Take target device in possession

Now you need to get physical access on the target device and end up with the process of installation. Moreover, activate the PC and phone tracking app on the target device.

Step4: Use login ID to access the online dashboard

Use login ID and Password and get access to the online control panel and get access to the features with the accordance with the subscription.

Step5: Use a cell phone or PC monitoring app features to prevent bullying online

Live screen recording

You can use the mobile phone monitoring app that empowers you to make short videos of the screen back to back. You can see the videos having access to the web portal. It gives you live screen recording of social media activities, Browsing activities, YouTube activities, SMS, emails, passwords applied and others.

Live screen recording for Windows & MAC

You can monitor your target laptop and desktop device screen and can make videos of the screen. Later on, you can watch screen recorded videos using OgyMogy windows and MAC Monitoring app.

Remote phone controller

It enables you to view installed apps, block text messages, incoming calls of strangers and even you can block internet access when someone is bullying online with your kids.


Cell phone spy app enable you to prevent bullies online to the fullest and you put your children in the right direction.

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