Pros And Cons Of Online Advertising

Online Advertising

As you may have observed, the trend of online advertising is taking speed with every day that goes by. However, you may have experienced it yourself as the trend has grown, people have also started to turn a blind eye to these advertisements.

If you are a small business owner and you want your business to flourish, you must take your time when coming up with strategies for your marketing mix. When it comes to deciding whether you want to go for online advertising or not, you must choose the kind of advertisement you want.

According to a Digital advertising agency in Dubai, the type of advertisement you choose for your digital marketing campaign influences your brand’s digital presence a lot. You need to make sure the advertising you have chosen grabs the attention of the target market instead of propelling them away.

There are a few pros and cons that you need to know about before you indulge yourself in the world of digital marketing. Some of them have been enlisted below


Here are a few pros of online advertising

  • It doesn’t cost much

One of the biggest pros of online advertising is that it literally cost nothing as compared to traditional advertising. When you go for traditional advertising, you have to pay for printing, designing, circulating but when it comes to online advertising, all that cost is minimized.

  • You can focus on customers specifically

Online advertising gives you the advantage of filtering your customers/target audience. You can specifically choose your target audience based on their location, interests, age and other demographics. This provides you with the upper hand on targeting your message to exactly those who will be interested to listen.

  • Interact with your customers

The possibilities of online advertising are endless. Your customers can interact with you, ask for suggestions, you can answer their queries, and what not. Online advertising creates a bridge between the brand and the customers which weren’t possible to be created before.

  • Data analytics

Traditional advertising never allowed you to attain your statistics regarding the audience you reached out to whereas online advertising provides you with the benefit of looking at the insights which mean, they provide you room for improvement.

With the help of data analysis, you can understand your reach and your engagement ratio. It will also allow you to devise a plan for damage control in case the marketing campaign doesn’t go as planned.


Some of the major cons of online advertising are enlisted below

  • Not your entire market is on the internet

Even though there are billions of internet users, still, some of your potential customers will not be on social media. That limits your audience reach. Also, some advertising formats are also not popular with the audience that needs to be taken into account as well.

  • Not enough space

When you publish your advertisement in a magazine, you have the opportunity to buy the entire space on the page but that is not how online advertising works. You are provided with limited space and time that needs to accommodate your ad. You will have to suffice into it and that doesn’t always spread the entire message across.

Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on us what we choose to overlook and what not. As for online advertising, it has its perks, but it also comes with its setbacks.

These were a few pros and cons of an online advertisement according to us. If you think there is something you’d like to add here, don’t hesitate to leave us with your feedback in the comments below.

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