What Food to Order from an Indian Restaurant

Olivia Wilson
Indian Restaurant

Are you one of those people who are interested in exploring Indian cuisine? Are you unable to reach the nearby Indian restaurant to taste your favorite dish? Are you thinking about the alternative way to eat Indian cuisine? If so, then you may access the benefits of online Indian food delivery app or website.

Even though you have an interest in tasting Indian cuisine, you are not aware of which Indian dishes to order because of too much stuff in the menu. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Simply take help from this article in which you will get to know some Indian dishes that you can order and eat from your comfort.

Reasons to order Indian cuisine

One of the great things about Indian cuisine is that it is being loved by everyone in the world. Since it has a multitude of dishes, which rich in taste, aroma, and flavor, everyone gets something to fulfill their carvings regardless of you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. All the Indian dishes follow specific cooking style, ingredients,and recipe so that try out new dishes every time instead of sticking at one option. Most importantly, it gives a treat to all kinds of taste buds, which is not possible with other cuisines across the world.

Dishes you must order at an Indian restaurant

  • Samosas

Samosas are highly recommended for the food appetizers. Typically, it is triangle small deep-friend pastries along with some spicy fillings. It can be made vegetarian using peas, potatoes, and spices and non-vegetarian with lamb or chicken and spices. It is often served with the tamarind chutney. It is an ideal way to start your meals and perfect for an evening snack at tea time.

  • Tandoori chicken

Are you a lover of eating meat? Do you wish to try something new? Well, order the tandoori chicken through the reputable indian food delivery app. This dish is highly suitable for those who like to eat chicken wings and barbecue. Usually, chicken is marinated overnight in the mix of yogurt and spices. Later, it is baked using the Indian traditional clay.

  • Butter chicken

Your Indian meals become incomplete without the delicious butter chicken. Even Indian cuisine newbie will love this amazing dish. It is a great item to start with the main course. It is prepared with mild spice on the low heat to get the rich flavor.

  • Channa Masala

Channa masala is the unique and special variety of Indian vegetarian dishes. It is a flavorful, earthy, and chickpeas curry. It is highly popular among both vegans and meat lovers. You can match this dish with any kind of main courses whether it is naan or rice. To complement the dish, you can use yogurt based chutneys and condiments.

  • Naan

If you love bread, then you will surely like naan. Naan is made by making the dough slapped into the tandoor oven inner wall. To fluff up, it takes only a few seconds. You can dip the piece of naan into the butter chicken sauce. You can enjoy eating Indian bread in the form of chapatis, rotis, kulchas, and parathas.

Order lip-smacking Indian food now and enjoy delivery at your doorstep. You can thanks us later for these incredible choices!

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