What Are The Different Types Of Muslim Men Clothing Items That Men’s Will Love To Wear?

Olivia Wilson
Muslim Men

There are so many different types of Muslim clothing items that are worn by men’s. Some of the clothing items that men’s of Muslim countries wear are mentioned below:


  1. Thobe is a long robe like the dress that is worn by the men of Muslim countries. It is usually a tailor fit shirt from the top and an ankle length dress from the bottom.
  2. Thobe is usually available in white color but with changing trends and increasing fashion Thobe are available in different type colors.
  3. Thobe is known as dishdasha in Kuwait and kandourah in United Arab of Emirates. People can easily buy Thobe (cheap shirt dresses) online.

Ghutra and Egal:

  1. The Ghutra is a headscarf that is usually worn by men’s in Dubai.
  2. Ghutra is a rectangular and triangular headscarf worn by men on their heads with a robe set on the top.
  3. Ghutra is white in color. In some places, Ghutra is known as shemagh. The Egal robe that is at the top of the headscarf is optional. Therefore, these are the scarfs mostly worn by Sheiks of Dubai.


  1. Bisht is a dressier men’s cloak worn by men over Thobe. This is a dress that is worn by men to keep their bodies warm from the extreme cold.
  2. These are the wedding outfits worn by men in Muslim countries with extremely cold weather.


  1. These are white colored pants worn by men with Thobe, any other long gowns or with a cottony white undershirt. This serwal are also worn by people as pajamas.
  2. Serwal has an elastic waist and drawstring. This garment is also known as mikasser in some parts of the world.

Shalwar and Kameez:

  1. This is the most common dress worn by people of all the religions. This is a dress that is worn by both men and women.
  2. Shalwar is usually referred to as the bottom wear and Kamez is the upper outfit that people is also known as tunic portion.


  1. This is a Muslim clothing item usually like a Dhoti. Men’s tie this dress around their waist and wear a pair of the shirt along with this dress.
  2. It is commonly worn by the people of Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. People can buy long shirt-dress online to wear with this Izar.


  1. Turban is a head covering that is worn by Sikh people as well as Muslim people in some parts of the world. Turban is worn by men’s of Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc.
  2. The wearing style of turban among Muslim people is different from Sikh people. People can easily buy Muslim turbans from online sites at very cheap and affordable prices.

Therefore, these above mentioned are the dresses that are worn by the men’s of Muslim countries.

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