3 Milkshakes in London that will leave you breath-throbbed!


Undoubtedly, the food in London is palatable and luscious. Also the food is spicy enough to push you towards having a milkshake.

You will be astounded to know that London is a home to many milkshake and smoothie brands that have their working franchises at world-wide locations.

Here are some milkshakes that you should consider trying for a sweet and fruitful ending of your London tour.

Oreo Cookie Freakshake – Maxwell Bar and Grill

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Maxwell Bar and Grill is a well known place and is much prominent due to its outstanding smoothies and fresh freakshakes. You should try their Oreo Cookie Freakshake which is something most people will die for. The shake has a frothy texture and the jar drips with chocolate lava.  On the top, there is a gargantuan vanilla scoop thwacked by Oreo cookies.

Sticky Toffee Freakshakes – Black Milk

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This shake might stick to your mouth due to its gummy texture. Black Milk serves a huge jar full of shake and is topped with mushy cake. There are chocolate flakes all around and you will definitely believe that this shake is worth considering into this list.

Dolly’s Donut Shake – Absurd Bird

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There is no one who doesn’t love donuts. If you also have the real love for donuts, then you can visit this place. The shake offered here looks extremely exquisite and will make you fall in love with it.

Final verdict

If you want to complement your London tour with something that can cater to your sweet-tooth, then these are the best shake options. You will find a long list of delectable shakes in the shake bars mentioned above.

Never forget to garnish your shake with some hazelnuts for the quintessential and heavenly feel while chilling your mouth.

London is a place which will also amuse you in one or the other way. If you are craving for something sweet and spicy, then you can also find Singapore escorts in London and Berlin.

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