What Is The Origin Of The Term For The Most Common Medical Procedure Of Caesarean Section Or C Section?

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Medical Procedure Of Caesarean

The intervention of childbirth which involves the removal of the baby from the mother’s womb by cutting with the help of a doctor is termed as C Section or Caesarean Section in the medical science. Why is it called a cesarean? There is a rumor that the Roman Ruler, Julius Caesar was born by the method of Caesarean Section. At the time of pregnancy period of ninth month Julius Caesar’s mother died, Julius Caesar was taken out by cutting his mother open. For this reason, the procedure is known as the Caesarean Section. The Latin Word Caesus is the past participle form of caedere which means to cut. The procedure of cutting the baby from the mother’s womb during the time of birth when the mother had died was performed in Rome.

Evolution of Caesarean Section

The Caesarean Section method has evolved enough to provide the potential power to mother. C Section has been made less painful including anesthetic procedure. Application of quality antibiotics helps to decrease the risk of developing infections which may be life-threatening.

Medical reasons for making a Caesarean section

There are several medical reasons for making a Caesarean section. Some of these are:

Prolonged labor

Sometimes, the mother is in the condition of labor for more than 20 hours and then C section is done to make the childbirth. When the baby is too large according to the birth canal, it can create multiple causes for prolonged labor. In this condition, the doctors take decision for C Section avoiding the complications.

Abnormal position of the baby

The baby’s position is an important thing to make the vaginal birth safely. The baby’s position of headfirst should be close to the birth canal for normal childbirth. But, when the baby’s feet or buttock is positioned towards the birth canal, it is known as breech birth. When the shoulder is positioned towards the birth canal, it is called transverse birth. In these conditions, a Caesarean section can be the safest way for the childbirth.

Causing fatal distress

Sometimes, the baby does not get enough oxygen in the mother’s womb, the doctors take the decision for the emergency Caesarean section.

Reduce birth defects

Sometimes, the doctors take the decision for making the Caesarean section to reduce the complications of the delivery procedure. The complications may cause birth defects like congenital heart disease, the presence of an excess amount of fluid in the baby’s brain and so on.

Chronic diseases or health condition of the mother

Sometimes, mothers have certain chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, gestational diabetes etc. In this condition, the vaginal childbirth may be the risk for like of the mother. When the mother has genital herpes, HIV or any kind of infectious disease which may be transferred to the baby, the doctors take the decision for making the Caesarean section for the safety of the baby and mother.

Finally, the above-mentioned information will help you to get the idea about the Caesarean Section for the childbirth and the answer for How Did Caesarean Sections Get Their Name.

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