Details About An MRI Procedure

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MRI Procedure

MRI is also known as the magnetic resonance imaging and it is a very common procedure around the world. MRI mainly uses a very strong magnetic field and the radio waves that are createdgive some detailed images of the organs and tissues present in the human body.

There are refined MRI techniques that are done in the hospitals and they help a lot in medical procedures. So when one is prescribed to have an MRI in Mumbai, that is because; the doctors are trying to find something within the human body which cannot be get caught in normal scans and X ray processes.

  • This MRI scan is always a painless and a non invasive procedure.
  • A person named Raymond Damadian was the man who first created an MRI full body scanner and it was named as Indomitable.
  • The costliest MRI scan machine can exceed more than 7 million dollars.
  • Japan has the highest number of MRI machines till date.

What is an MRI?

Well, as it has been said earlier that MRI is something which can produce the detailed images. This scan machine uses the largest magnet, radio waves and a computer which can create some cross sectional and detailed images of the structures and internal organs of a human body. here the scanner looks like a large tube which has a table in the middle where the patient lies and then slides within the machine.

An MRI always differs from regular X rays and CT scans and they never use any harmful ionizing radiations. An MRI scan is mainly used to find out whether there is any:

  • Anomalities of the spinal cord or brain.
  • If there are any cysts, tumours and other problems present in the body.
  • In case of women on3e can find out whether they have breast cancers or not.
  • If there is any kind of abnormality or injury in the back and knee joints.
  • Detecting a few types of heart issues.
  • If there is any kind of disease in the liver and in the abdominal organs.
  • The evaluation of the pelvic pain in a woman’s body which can cause endometriosis and fibroids.
  • If there is any uterine anomalies and if there is any evaluation of infertility.

A patient needs to arrive at the hospital and the doctors may ask them to change their clothes and wear a comfortable loose hospital gown. Also the magnets that are used on the test are very critical and so no metal objects should be there, present in the scanner. So the doctor will ask the patient to remove any kind of accessories or metal jewelleries they are having or wearing. Because they all might interfere with the machine.

In fact, people who have some metal stains or other things present within the body they might be unable to get an MRI. So, those who have cochlear implants, pacemakers, aneurysm clips and other things present inside the body they need to let the doctor know if they are prescribed to have an MRI. Individuals who are anxious or nervous about enclosed spaces should also let their doctor know. Often they can be given medication prior to the MRI to help make the procedure more comfortable. Those patients may also get some injections through which a contrast liquid is injected in a particular tissue of the body to get relevant scan results.

When the patient enters the scanning room, the doctors will help them to lie down on the machine table and they will provide all the necessary comforts which are possible there. In fact head phones and ear plugs are also provided so that one can easily block put the constant buzzing noise that happens during the test.

When the patient enters the scanner the MRI technician starts communicating with then from the intercom and make sure whether they are comfortable or not. Then they start the scanning procedure when the patient is ready.

During the scan, it is very important to stay still. Any movement will disrupt the images;Loud clanging noises will come from the scanner. Depending on the images, at times it may be necessary for the person to hold their breath.If the patient feels uncomfortable during the procedure, they can speak to the MRI technician via the intercom and request that the scan be taken to a halt and then they can restart again.

It is also said that there are no major side effects when one has undergone through an MRI procedure. But yes, sometimes, the contrast dye that has been injected can cause certain nausea, pain, headache and a burning sensation in some people. There can also be an allergic effect as a result of the contrast material but these cases are very rare. People who experience claustrophobia or feel uncomfortable in enclosed spaces sometimes express difficulties while undergoing an MRI scan.

It is said that the MRI scanner has 2 very powerful magnets and they are the most important part in the machine. These magnets mainly pass some electricity through the gradient coils and then the coils start to vibrate and create a strong magnetic field which creates a buzzing sound inside the scanner.

There is another thing called the functional MRI or the FMRI which is mainly done to measure the cognitive activity by monitoring certain parts present in the brain. The blood flow also increases a lot in those areas where the neurons are active. Functional MRI helps researchers learn about the function of a normal, diseased, or an injured brain. This FMRI is also used a certain clinical practice. It can always detect any kind of issues present in the brain. By doing this test the doctors can decide whether a patient needs brain surgery or not.

There is some specialist MRI hospital Mumbai where the regular MRI scan is done within half an hour to 45 minutes. But if there are certain complications, then it can be more than an hour.

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