Are HIV Drugs Found Safe For You And Your Baby?


Pregnancy is not an easy period for a woman. A lot of complication can arise during that phase both for the mother and the child. So protection from diseases that might become troublesome is a must. If you were diagnosed with AIDS before becoming pregnant, you’re most likely already taking antiretroviral medication. If you have just been diagnosed and are not yet on AIDS treatment, you’ll be advised to start treatment of aids in pregnancy immediately, just as you would if you weren’t pregnant too. But during that period the treatment becomes even more crucial since a child is also involved in the scenario and it is not only about the mother. The doctors will try to keep both then child and the mother safe.

Are the HIV drugs found safe for you and your baby?

  1. Here First and foremost you should know that the doctors and Research suggests that anti-HIV drugs are safe to use in pregnancy. But these are to be intake only after proper consultation with the doctor and also with proper medication.
  2. Secondly you should also be aware of the fact that there may be a slightly increased risk of giving birth prematurely or having a low birth weight baby. But then however, other research suggests antiretroviral don’t contribute to premature births.
  3. But to add up to all of the aforesaid statements, it also needs to be mentioned that there are a lot of more benefits to it. So thirdly the benefits antiretroviral have in preventing mother-to-baby transmissionoutweighed the risks of not taking them.
  4. Fourthly always know that if you were diagnosed before becoming pregnant, you are most likely already taking antiretroviral medication. So that reduces the risk to a great extent anyway. But make sure that your doctor or doctors are your best friend during that period.
  5. Fifthly, you should also be conscious about a lot of other things. Like then how so ever if you have just been diagnosed and are not yet on HIV treatment, you’ll be advised to start to consume the medicinefor hiv during pregnancy.
  6. As a mother, you also have to remember that the drug recommendations for women who have been diagnosed later on in their pregnancy are slightly different from what’s usually recommended. And that is not an issue for you to worry about anything. Your doctor will be providing you with proper guide lines.
  7. Also remember that lastly staying calm is very important during this stage. You cannot just afford to lose your calm especially when you are pregnant. Because stress might create complications.

 This feeling of being a mother is probably the best feeling that a woman feels during her lifetime. So be careful and your doctor will advise you on what treatment you should take, as some drugs are safer than others. After the baby is born, you can talk to your doctor about whether you need to change your treatment or not. And worry not because there are medicines and treatments which will help you and our child recover in the best way possible

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