Youth Of India Tilting Towards Quality Education First Policy

Olivia Wilson
Quality Education

The education system of India has always been questioned. The forced syllabus that is of no use degraded the quality of education. Students started mugging the syllabus in order to pass the exam. The students are taught from a very young age to memorise things instead of gaining knowledge. The little amount of knowledge made the students to pause their education after completing a bachelor’s degree. It was also said that “it is not a child’s play to pass B.A.” because the education was really low quality wise and that lowered the confidence of the youth to opt out for higher education.

The higher education facility was also not available in the country previously. The level of the education degraded to such an extent that Indian degree was considered equivalent to garbage. Things have started to shape out now and the education level and quality is changing with time. The educational equipments have upgraded a lot and the quality of education has risen. The change has been brought from the lower education to higher education. The syllabus has changed to a lot more positive extent. The students are focused on gaining knowledge. The digitalization has made it the best place of learning. This has made the quality to rise and it has made education interesting and entertaining.

The students have started opting for higher education before selecting the job profile. The higher education gives them the direction to specify and master their career in a particular direction. The classes are equipped with projectors that have made them smart classes. Students are learning easily as they are able to see the practical of a particular topic that helps them to understand in a better way. The higher education is becoming a favourite choice these days because of the availability of top class facilities at reasonable fees. Students have started enrolling in the master’s degree instead of earning at an early stage of their careers. Enrolments in MBA have sharply risen due to the excellence in teaching that makes profession selection easy. MBA institutes in Bangalore are getting a huge amount of applications because of the top facilities and quality education.

The engineering students enrol in M. Tech to give proper shape to their career. Higher study makes the student to study about the concept deeply that gives a lot of knowledge. After the completion of the degree the students write theses, which give them the opportunity to present what they have learnt. Similarly, MBA offers the students to acquire business skills, which will be beneficial for the company and for the students in future run. Bangalore University offers a wide range of choices to choose from. The students are receiving a change in teaching style; the faculty is also top notch. The Indian education has made its rise in the world and the value of an Indian degree is increasing across the globe. Students from abroad are coming to India for the educational guidance. India has made a name in the world in terms of quality education.

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