Square Wave Inverters 101

Olivia Wilson
square wave inverters

We all know what an inverter is: it’s the power backup solution run in homes and offices during a power cut. In India, power cut has not yet been the thing of the past. Hence, people invest in inverters for uninterrupted power supply.

A brief comparison

  1. Square Wave inverter is the simplest of types and is able to convert a straight DC signal to a phase shifting AC signal. Many say that a square wave inverter is not suitable to use at home. However, with technologies seeing new heights, companies have come up with square wave inverters that can be used at home to run even sensitive appliances.
  2. Modified Sine wave inverter or quasi-sine wave inverter is complex if compared to a simple square wave inverter. Modified sine wave inverters do not shift its phase abruptly from positive to negative, but takes brief pauses while shifting phases.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter is more efficient and consumes less power. This type of inverter can be adjusted as per the power requirement. As a pure sine wave inverter shifts smoothly from positive to negative, it is the most reliable inverter type among the consumers.

Now, as we have noted the differences between the types of inverters, let’s confess that square wave inverters are never recommended. However, with better technologies coming up every day, organizations like Luminous have changed the scenario. They have come up with best online square wave inverters for the Indian market with the capacity of 1500 VA. Heavy power loads like a steam iron, immersion rod, printer, mixer grinder, toaster, and heater can totally run on these inverters, saving both space and money of the consumer.

Help from the professionals

As and when you start researching for square wave inverters, you would definitely come up with mixed results. While random websites would picture square wave as a bad option to invest on, agencies selling square wave inverters online in India showcases the brighter side. So before you go and buy an inverter, it’s crucial to take a decision following proper professional guidance. More than the looks and sounds, one should check aspects like battery backup, low and high voltage fluctuation areas etc.

These days, Square wave inverters have come up with ‘Rapid Battery Charge’ (RBC) technology that helps in 60% faster battery charging. Also Intelligent output load optimization with twin output sockets even out regular load and power load simultaneously, without hampering the appliances.

One should briefly describe professionals about the appliances are there in-house, and what are the running and starting power of those. Once you have conveyed the details, you would be able to grab some of the best suggestions of square wave inverters. Professionals would suggest the most efficient and useful inverter for your place, and we are sure Luminous inverters would top the list.

A word or two about inverters with colleagues, friends, and neighbours have never harmed anyone. So if you do not have full faith in professionals and presume that they would only promote inverters made by companies they are working for, discuss with people from the same locality you hail from. Because it is only them who is experience the same power supply issues as you are.

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