Some of the Cheapest Ways to Move Cross Country

Olivia Wilson
Move Cross Country

Moving and relocating to the new place is always exciting and thrilling as it gives the opportunity to explore new places and the new culture. However, this curiosity and excitement are often marred by the expense involved in moving from one place to settling at another place.

For all such people who are worried about such expenses and cost, here are some cheapest ways to move cross country:

Look for free packing supplies:

The best way to save money while packing is to look for free packing and moving supplies. Seek boxes, bubble wraps, packing sheets from retail stores near you. For packing, you can also use newspapers and waste sheets. However look for the boxes with the flat and lying base, tape them properly to ensure that it can bear the weight of belongings to be stored in such boxes.

Rent a truck:

Another way to save money while moving is to rent a truck for movement rather than hiring professional movers and packers. You can do all the packing yourself and can just hire or rent a truck to load and unload the household items to be transported.

Try to plan a move during offseason:

In order to save money, always plan your cross country move during offseason. Cost of relocation highly depends on the day you choose for the same. During weekends prices may be little high. It is recommended to plan such a movement from any day between Tuesdays to Thursday. Prices are really slashed for such days.

Ask your company:

If you are relocating because of transfer that your company has given you, you can always ask your company to pay for the same. Most of the companies pay part or whole of the relocation expenses, but at times because of ignorance of such clause, we fail to avail such facility. Talk to your HR department regarding the same.

Ship your belongings:

If you do not have much of the stiff to be relocated, then it is recommended to ship the same rather than renting a truck. Look for the various shipping companies and select the one that suits your requirement in terms of availability and price point.

Ask for help:

Rather than hiring professional packers, you can always ask for help from your friends and family. This is one of the cheapest solutions while moving to a different place. You may need not to pay anything to them in return, but as a gesture, you can always offer them food, pizza or some wine. This will not only save your money but will also help to make your packing task enjoyable.

Keep an eye on discounts:

If you have sufficient time to lock the dates for movement then make sure to keep an eye on discounts. Keep checking online discounts and offers, grab the deal when it suits your price point the best.

These are some of the best ways through which you can save money while relocating. You can always put that money in some other productive task.

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