How To Decide The Best Spanner Set Manufacturers In India

Olivia Wilson
Spanner Set

The basic purpose of a spanner is to tighten a nut, bolt or something similar. It grips the fixing and tightens/loosen it.

To minimize the risk of corrosion, the spanner is painted in chrome or steel. Chromium-Vanadium alloys and titanium are used to make better quality spanners.

Before foraying into types of spanners whose sets you can buy, you need to be accustomed towhat different sizes of spanners are in the market.

When you refer to the size of a spanner, you generally mean what is the size of the screw that is going to fit inside the jaws of the spanner.

There are a lot of spanner set manufacturers in indiathat have spanners in all sizes.

Types Of Spanners

  • Open-ended spanners

They are the most commonly used spanners out there. A simple C-shaped jaw does all the trick of loosening and tightening nuts.

  • Ring Spanners

There is a ring-shaped jaw that lets you do all the work.

It isa good idea to have one of each type in two standard sizes in your spanner set. Goodspanner exporterswill take care of all that.

  • Adjustable Spanners

To save yourself from the hassle of carrying tremendous loads of spanners, try using adjustable spanners. They can accommodate a fair amount of variety of screws and bolts inside. However, owing to the lack of latching onto the bolt, they might be a bit difficult to operate.

  • Ratchet Spanners

Although a bit on the higher side of the price spectrum, they can save you tons of effort and time.

You do not need to remove a ratchet spanner to undo a bolt. It has the dual functionality of a spanner and a socket.

  • Basin Spanner and Tap Spanner

They can serve the dual purpose of doing the front and back nuts that are clutching a tap into a basin or the wall. They have the following types; the basin spanner and the tap spanner. The tap spanner has a T bar which is used in hard to reach places to remove nuts and bolts. They are both quite cheap and easy to use.

  • Box Spanners

It is generally composed of a steel tube. The basic purpose is to undo spark plugs. They have a provision for a six-sided ring-shaped head that holds the nut. They also have a T-bar that is used to hold and turn the nuts.

  • PipeSpanner or StillsonSpanner

They are employed for heavy duty jobs that require a lot of strength to pull off. Also popular by the name of Stillson spanner or simply Stillson. The jaws of this spanner are made of sharp claws that provide grip and strength to turn something gigantic. Quite obvious from the name, they are mostly used to do pipework. They provide the greater torque and diameter to hold large pipes and then rotate them to tighten or loosen them. They are mostly used by plumbers in factories and other manufacturing units.

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