A Few Things About The Free Bulk SMS Service Providers

Olivia Wilson
Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS service

We all want to get connected with a lot of people. But nowadays no person is having much time to communicate with all at the same time. In such a situation, the term Bulk SMS is one of the best solutions that one can opt. Now, the question is what is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS services are those types of services in which messages are delivered to a large no of people within a short time. These Bulk SMS services gain significant progress in the last decade and their reach is increasing with each passing day. Both government and private professionals use bulk SMS service to provide information to the general public or masses. Bulk SMS services are also used for communication, alerts, and reminder and marketing purposes.

Free bulk SMS service provider

There are many public and private companies available which provide free Bulk SMS services to customers or clients. These companies provide bulk messaging services without any charges, to large no of people. These companies are good options for advertising and promoting any product or services without any cost. Sometimes the government also prefer these types of companies for disseminating information about any natural calamity, promoting new schemes and policies, new taxation rules, banking service, subsidy delivery and for others communication purpose also.

However, there are various limitations attached to free Bulk SMS service providers.  When bulk messages are sent from one place to other there are many technical problems arise which need an urgent address. Also, the message delivery rate or efficiency of the free service provider is not satisfactory. Sometimes it happens that message is not delivered and if deliver it’s not on time.

In India, other Bulk SMS service providers are also available which provide messaging service at very low cost. They also have a proper redressal mechanism, so if any irregularity occurs then they are held accountable for that. Also when bulk messages are sent for more than two projects and services they offer a reasonable discount on it.

Bulk SMS software

For sending bulk messages from provider to customer, the Bulk SMS software is required. There is a different type of software available in markets which help in providing timely and efficient Bulk SMS services to client and customer. Generally, there are two types of software one is used for providing Bulk SMS services on the national level and another one is used to providing Bulk SMS service on an international level.

Software helps in selecting valid contacts and removing fake and invalid contacts. After selection messages are sent to as no of people as the client wants at a particular time on a particular date. Bulk SMS or messages can be sent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

International Bulk SMS services provider charge more as compared to national or domestic Bulk SMS service provider. Both international and national companies are involved in software making. Different software making companies in their software have different services which made their software lucrative and preferable.

In the present era when more and more people are connected with mobile phones, Bulk SMS services play a very important role in spreading awareness about new services.

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